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Protect Yourself From Murder And Manslaughter Charges

Criminal charges of any kind are a serious matter, but murder and manslaughter charges may be the most extreme of them all. An accusation of this nature alone is enough to shatter a defendant’s reputation and future, and a conviction can take everything away from them entirely. Thankfully, you can find the legal representation you deserve at DeSantis Law Firm.

My name is Sebastian DeSantis, and I am a criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience in fighting to beat the most challenging murder cases my clients bring to me. My in-depth knowledge and insight into the criminal defense system give my clients a unique advantage in building their custom-tailored strategy to overcome their charges.

How I Can Help You

In my decades of criminal defense, I have learned how to give my clients the thorough representation they deserve from their lawyer. I put together the self-defense strategy you deserve through utilizing:

  • Witness identification and testimony
  • DNA evidence
  • Fingerprints and other forensic evidence
  • Ballistics
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Case research
  • Challenging testimony with memory and perception issues

I know that the key to a winning defense is in the details of the case, and every case has a unique set of circumstances that contain those winning details. I treat my clients like people and not cases, and I work closely with them to overcome or reduce the consequences of their charges.

Do Not Give Up On Your Future

When you retain my services as your criminal defense attorney, you are choosing someone who will explore all possible options to protect you. Whether it is fighting to beat your charges or negotiating to reduce them, contact my New Haven office for the commitment and dedication you deserve from your attorney. Call my office at 860-406-8569 or email me to schedule your initial consultation today.