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A Strong Advocate For Serious Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction can change your entire future. A conviction can mean time behind bars, serious fines to pay, complications in earning employment, and even difficulties earning loans for education or housing. Because of a lifetime of consequences, people facing criminal charges must do everything in their power to defend themselves, starting with getting an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

I am attorney Sebastian DeSantis, and I have more than 20 years of experience helping clients fight to protect their freedom and future. My clients at DeSantis Law Firm are people and not cases, which means that I treat everyone with the level of respect and care they deserve as I create custom-tailor strategies that best represent their needs.

Skilled And Committed Representation

The attorney you choose to represent you in your criminal defense case should be capable of standing up against all types of charges. The more familiar they are with how to win all types of cases, the more creative they can be in structuring your unique strategy to defend you.

I thrive on helping clients fight the most challenging cases, including ones involving:

  • Domestic violence
  • Murder charges
  • Federal and state drug charges
  • RICO cases
  • Assault
  • Rape

My decades of experience have also prepared me to take on cases at both a state and federal level, so wherever your charges may take you, you can count on me to stay at your side every step of the way. My skills in litigation, negotiation and investigation make me an ideal defense attorney for my clients.

An Attorney To Stand By You

I am a board-certified criminal trial advocate in Connecticut, which sets me apart from many other criminal defense attorneys. If you are looking for a lawyer who balances aggressive representation with compassionate representation, contact my office in New Haven today. Call 860-406-8569 or email me to schedule your initial consultation today.